The Inquiry

The Inquiry

Synopsis of The Inquiry:

Detective Roberts has worked the murder division for more than two decades and he has seen it all, or so he thought! When Becky hall washes up dead along the river Thames bank, what appears to be a clear prima facie murder case, takes a sinister and darker turn, as motives are questioned and a grieving boyfriend is confronted with the reality that led to her death.

Director's Statement:

This being my first film, I threw myself into the deep end and just decided to have a real go at it. With no prior filming experience and not really knowing many of the technical aspects involved in filming it was a real shot in the dark. It is one thing to write a script and create a production in a theatre, such as I had done before whilst at Bristol University, but creating a film from scratch was a wholly new challenge. The timing, organisation, teamwork and dedication are the driving factors in making a film. I experienced all of these whilst making the short film "The Inquiry".

Having written the script back in December of 2015, whilst balancing a Law coursework, I decided I wanted to make this film and use it as a platform to apply to film schools after university. I put a budget together using money earned over several years and got a financier to meet me halfway. With my budget ready I went on to hire a cast and crew. Through the incredible help of my AD (Bryony James) I gathered a fantastic cast and crew. Having cast the actors through auditions I set up in London, the next few months of the film were to be done at my desk back at Bristol University. Through many facetimes and Skype conversations I found a location to shoot the film, kept in touch with the crew and cast and was able to find specific props to use for the film. I took a lot of advice from the cinematographer and producer in discussing which camera and equipment to use and furthermore how to take each particular shot. With the cinematographer using abbreviations such as ECU I frequently had to ask him to repeat what he said or translate, which in this case meant an extreme close up shot. Luckily I am a quick learner and was able to grasp the terminology.

Having this film develop from an idea to a script, to actions and movements all caught on camera is an incredible feeling to achieve. This was my debut film and thanks to the exceptional work of my cast and crew it went rather well. For a first project, it has only spurred me on to create more.

Please find a link to a (gratefully, bloody good) review of the Inquiry here and the trailer below.

Many thanks,
Julien Cornwall